Wineries are an integral part of the Niagara region. Our unique micro climate enables the production of world class vineyards and award winning wineries. S.C. Watson is dedicated to provide the vacuum truck and rental services required to meet the demands of this ever growing and changing industry from production and maintenance needs to special event requirements and rentals.
Tank Rentals
To fill the growing needs of Niagara's Wine industry, SC Watson now rents cone-bottomed, 10, 000 and 13, 000 litre stainless steel tanks with tapered tops and chimneys. They have 2" racking valves, an access door, a site tube and sampling valve. The tanks are jacketed for heating or cooling. We will be adding assorted sizes to the inventory. Our custom built trailer will deliver and set up the tanks at your site, for your production needs.
Services and Rentals Provided